About us

Sutton Instruments was first formed by Paul Lowsley whilst working as an electronics technician at the local University. Initially specialising in the manufacture of guitar amplifiers, mixing desks, and anything audio related, the company graduated into manufacturing scientific instruments for the laser industry. 

After several years, Sutton Instruments was put on the back burner and Paul moved across into the EPoS industry, setting up a software company for use with electronic point of sales terminals.  

Eventually, after selling the business in 2018 and semi retiring, Paul teamed up with his son, David, a graphic designer and keen guitarist, with the idea of resurrecting the Sutton Instruments name. With advice and ideas from other guitar players and after three years of R&D we launched four guitar effects pedals.  


The current range are all hand built and assembled in East Yorkshire from either automotive or audio standard components and each pedal undergoes extensive testing and blueprinting before release.