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Boostopia Boost pedal

Boostopia Boost pedal

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BOOSTOPIA offers a LOT more output than the average boost pedal if you need it, and the tone can be shaped to suit the players needs with the 3 distinctive EQ modes before hitting the front end of a tube amp (or modeller).

Standard mode is the most transparent setting. When engaged, the low end will tighten and a smooth bump will be applied to the mid range. It sounds amazing in all applications (especially lead work).

High mode brings a glassy presence boost whilst tightening up the lows even more than standard mode. This is perfect for achieving detail and clarity when operating in higher gain situations.

Low mode offers a looser low end frequency response whilst proving a top end roll off. This setting is comparatively lo-fi and almost fuzz like in its character.

Technical Explanation of controls:-

LOW - Boosts the low frequencies through to the lower mid frequencies. Rolls the high frequencies off at around 1.5khz This is the setting for bass guitars.

STD (standard) This is a clean boost which when used in conjunction with the gain control gives up to 30db’s of gain.

HIGH – Boosts the frequencies from upper mid to high frequencies. Cuts the lower frequency below about 350hz giving a treble boost. Used with guitars when higher frequencies need enhancing.

GAIN - This is the overall volume of the pedal. In its highest position (fully clockwise) the pedal gives around 30db of gain which borders into the realms of a mild overdrive.


Power supply ..................... 9v DC (-ve centre pin)
Power consumption ........ 10mA
Dimensions (mm).............. 70 x 130 x 65 (w, l, h)
Weight .................................. 385g

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