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The Del Fuego Fuzz & Boost Pedal

The Del Fuego Fuzz & Boost Pedal

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The fuzz pedal is one of the most important distortion tones for guitar (and bass!) that's heard on countless recordings. lt provides a wild and woolly sound that is practically synonymous with 70s Hard Rock.

Del Fuego is  our take on the 70’s Muff but with additional features such as a clipping option to emulate a SuperTone Bender plus an additional presence control to enable a wider range EQ.

Del Fuego has its own totally independent boost. 

Most boost pedals are very similar in terms of design, and their main function is simply to kick your signal up by a significant notch. Many guitarists use boost pedals to raise the volume of their amplifiers, to pronounce certain sections in songs and bring them forward in a mix.

Deep mode is the most transparent setting. When engaged, the low end will tighten and a smooth bump will be applied to the mid range. It sounds amazing in all applications (especially lead work).

Bright mode brings a glassy presence boost whilst tightening up the lows even more than standard mode. This is perfect for achieving detail and clarity when operating in higher gain situations.

Del Fuego has the facility to switch the order of the Fuzz and the Boost giving even more versatility. With the boost driving the fuzz sounds ranging from clean, to a mild fuzz to a heavy metal fuzz or with the fuzz driving the boost it becomes more like an overdrive on steroids.


Technical Explanation of controls:-

SUSTAIN – adjusts the amount of distortion and sustain of the fuzz

PRESENCE – adjusts the cut off frequency of the tone control

TONE – adjusts the fuzz EQ from deep bass to high treble

FUZZ VOLUME – adjusts the output level of the fuzz side of the pedal

DEEP -  This is a clean boost which when used in conjunction with the boost volume control gives up to 30db’s of gain.

BRIGHT – Boosts the frequencies from upper mid to high frequencies. Cuts the lower frequency below about 350hz giving a treble boost. Used with guitars when higher frequencies need enhancing.

BOOST VOLUME - This is the overall volume of the boost side of the pedal. In its highest position (fully clockwise) the pedal gives around 30db of gain which borders into the realms of a mild overdrive.


Power supply ............ 9v DC (-ve centre pin)
Consumption ............ 10mA
Dimensions (mm) .... 99 x 130 x 64
Weight ......................... 600g


That Pedal Show "Effector Du Jour" - March 2024



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